Weightlifting Level 1 Live Course

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Upcoming 27th & 28th Apr

Our two-day live course is designed to up-skill coaches in the areas of coaching, technical movement, and programming for weightlifting

Eleiko Weightlifting Level One introduces participants to the weightlifting movements (snatch and clean & jerk) along with back, front and overhead squats. It also introduces fundamentals that are required to build basic weightlifting training programmes and/or incorporate weightlifting into traditional programming.

You will develop a deep understanding and practical application of effective instruction, cueing and feedback for weightlifting movements. The Eleiko Coaching System provides a simple and effective process utilizing stance, grip, position and action to instruct proper lifting technique. Utilizing this system will give you the tools you need to progress a novice or advanced lifter through proper progressions of the major lifts.

You will develop technical proficiency in the snatch, clean & jerk, front and overhead squats. The Eleiko Performance System creates the framework for you to systematically spot, adjust and correct movement compensations. Utilizing this system will give you the ability to manipulate positions and actions of the major lifts to meet the ability of the client/athlete.

You will develop a thought process that helps you create long and short-term programmes related to any client’s/athlete’s ability and/or goal. The Eleiko Programming System teaches you to manipulate the acute variables of a programme to achieve the desired outcome. Utilizing this system will help you track and manage client/athlete stress through effective program creation and adjustment.

Available Course Credits
  • Technical development and proficiency
  • The Eleiko Coaching System
  • Practical application of each lift
  • Time to develop your "coach's eye"
  • The practice of effective coaching cues
  • Understanding of stress, recovery and programming
Course Content
Module 1:
Introduction: Course Objectives, Nomenclature, Understanding Performance
Module 2:
Movement Screens: Hip Hinge, Front Squat, Shoulder Flexion, Overhead Squat narrow and wide stance
Module 3:
Coaching, Compensation and Corrections, Instructions | Cueing Feedback
Module 4:
Snatch Session
Module 5:
Movement Preparation
Module 6:
Clean Session
Module 7:
Coaching Practical
Module 8:
Snatch & Clean
Module 9:
Practical Lifting from Floor
Module 10:
Practical Jerk Session
Module 11:
Practical Clean & Jerk Session
Module 12:
Eleiko Programming System
Module 13:
Eleiko Programming System (Practical)

Weightlifting Level 1 Live Course

Eleiko Weightlifting Level One introduces participants to the weightlifting movements (snatch and clean & jerk) along with BACK, FRONT and overhead SQUATS.
We offer the option of Atome payment, which allows customers to split their purchases into three interest-free installments.

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How to become a certified fitness trainer in Singapore?
To become a certified personal trainer in Singapore, you can pursue courses from reputable organizations such as ACE, NASM, or ACSM. These courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to start your career in fitness training. Upon completion, you can take a certification exam to obtain your credentials and begin working as a fitness trainer. It's also recommended to gain hands-on experience and continue learning to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and techniques.
How to get a fitness certification?
To get a fitness certification, you need to find a reputable certification program, choose a specialization, and fulfill the prerequisites, which may include completing a course, passing an exam, and obtaining CPR/AED certification. Some of the top fitness certification programs include NASM, ACE, and ACSM, and they offer a range of specializations such as personal training, group fitness, and health coaching. It's important to research and compare the different programs and choose one that fits your goals and interests.
How long is a personal trainer course?
The length of a personal trainer course varies, but it typically takes between 4-12 weeks to complete. The duration can also depend on the level of certification
How much does personal trainer or fitness instructor make?
Personal trainers or Fitness Instructors in Singapore typically earn an average salary of SGD 40,000 to SGD 60,000 per year, with the potential to earn more with experience and specialization. The salary may vary based on factors such as location, gym or fitness center, experience, and additional certifications or specializations.
How much does it cost to get certified as a personal trainer or fitness instructor in Singapore?
The cost of getting certified as a fitness trainer in Singapore varies depending on the certification program and provider. On average, it can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, investing in a reputable certification program can increase your earning potential and job opportunities in the long run.
How to renew a fitness certification in Singapore?
To renew a fitness certification in Singapore, you need to ensure that you have completed the required continuing education credits (CECs) and have a current CPR and AED certification. You can earn CECs by attending workshops, seminars, or online courses offered by accredited providers. The number of CECs required varies based on the certification, and you can check with the certifying organization for specific requirements. Once you have fulfilled the renewal requirements, you can submit your application and fee to the certifying organization for renewal of your fitness certification.
What are the job prospects for certified personal trainers in Singapore?
Certified personal trainers in Singapore have good job prospects as the demand for personal trainers or fitness instructors is growing due to an increased awareness of health and fitness. They can work in fitness centers, sports clubs, corporate wellness, and more. With additional certifications, they can also work as nutritionists, sports coaches, and personal trainers.
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